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Okay, kids and people. This is the stock account of x-Rook-x. This is basically my "Help the community out with some free crap that they might find useful" account. As always, there's a set of rules to go along with this being a stock account, so I'mma throw 'em all right here.

:bulletred:DO NOT redistribute (AKA: download and then re-upload somewhere else) any of the brush packs, stock pictures, textures, or anything created by me  on deviantART or any outside website. I took the time to make all the stuff on here by hand, and trying to profit or gain popularity from it is a dick move on your behalf.

That being said...

:bulletpurple:YOU CAN TOTALLY use these for any deviations, any prints, any commercial purposes, on any website or on deviantART or where-the-hell-ever you want! This means that if you use brushes in a larger piece that you sell for money, by all means! Profit from them! Make millions! Go forth and prosper! :peace: ...Er, or...something.

:bulletpurple: YOU DON'T HAVE TO credit me if you want to try to act like a badass. Seriously, I don't mind. However, a favorite, a comment, and a link back are all KICKASS ways to tell me y'like my stuff, and it does help people find my stuff!  But, if I have to be your dirty little secret, I'm okay with that too!

:bulletpurple: IF YOU SO CHOOSE I am holding a points drive over at my main account x-Rook-x to get 9,001 points. Why 9,001 points? BECAUSE IT'S OVER 9000 AHUUR HURR HURR GET IT I'M FUNNY ITS A MEME. No, seriously I'm just trying to get a deviantART artist bag with a sketch artist insert. It costs roughly 9000 points, but I couldn't resist the DBZ reference. I'm sure my friends will shun me, but I'm okay with that. You are not require to donate any points, but if you want to go ahead and and toss one (or some) at me, I would be eternally greatful!

:bulletgreen: I'M TAKING REQUESTS! I'm taking requests for brushes and textures. Feel free to drop a comment in this journal or send me a note! I cannot promise that I'll do every request, but I can promise that I'll give all the good ones serious consideration. Also, if I do use your suggestion, I'll throw your name in the artist comments!




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